LOVE: Spoilt Rotten Kids

Hello mammas and daddies and carers, I have a fantastic children’s activity to share with you.

Pre-stenciled art, it’s so simple and so cleaver.



The images are drawn out for you, they have then been traced with a blade. All you and or your kids do is peal the top layer off, you are then left with sticky paper, in which you sprinkle different colours of sand over to create your picture.





My girls and I had such a fantastic time creating this art by Spoilt Rotten Kids. It was very calming and the outcome is just incredible.





Perfect rainy day or simply staying at home activity.

You can find Spoilt Rotten Kids from their website:

or Instagram page:

Seriously do it, it is such a Fantastic activity!!

Much love, xx LT




LOVE: NOOD Skin Food

I have recently been introduced to NOOD Skin Food. Locally made in Mandurah, West Australian.

Their products are free from all the nasties that I avoid: Synthetic Fragrances, Animal Derivatives, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Petrochemicals, PEGS, Palm Oil, Mineral Oils, Artificial Colours, Triethanolamine, EDTA, Propylene Glyol and Sillicones.

So far I have just tried their Raw Cacao Coffee Scrub. I have been using coffee scrubs for years, I can honestly say my skin is never better than when I use them.


The NOOD Skin Food scrub is one of the best that I have tried. It is absolutely delicious on my skin. When I am exfoliating my body, it does not feel too course, it is just right. After the treatment, my skin feels extremely soft and smooth. It is the ideal maintenance for a busy mamma.

Did you know that coffee scrubs have many benefits, from being great exfoliants, to having anti-inflammatory properties, can help reduce cellulite, improve circulation and smooth out your skin.


Now that I know just how good NOOD Skin Food Raw Cacao Coffee Scrub is, I am confident that their other products are just as good. Can’t wait to try them.

Check out their easy to navigate and shop website NOOD Skin Food do yourself a favour and at least buy this scrub to start as I have. I know you will thank me. Also, we are supporting local, just how it should be.


Much love, xx LT

LOVE: Kaleesi’s 3rd birthday party

My baby girl is now officially 3. I can still hear the sounds of the Doctor saying “it’s a girl” and that sweet feeling of being complete. I always wanted two girls, for the sisterhood I never had (although I was blessed with two brothers) and that ability girls can have with keeping their families together. Family unity and commitment to me is paramount. Which is what I teach my girls.

Kaleesi is my little mini me. We are so much a like in so many ways. In our little family unit she is the more daring one; fearless even, she is super funny and is just always cracking jokes. She is determined and strong willed. An amazing dancer and confident performer. Sometimes a little bit grumpy haha I say she has child number 2 syndrome. Overall she is just perfect to us.

For her 3rd birthday she wanted Minnie Mouse theme, so that is what she got. I can say I had the most fun styling this event, all the pink had something to do with it….

Enjoy xx



Guests were greeted with headwear.



Minnie Mouse ears on the jars were cut out from the images on the Huggies nappy pants boxes.


I used a t-shirt and White napkins to cover the cake stand. I then put double tulle over the material to soften it up. Anything is possible when you use your creativity.


Delicious cake from SWEET MOMENTS (you can find her on facebook)


I did a two in one with decorations and baby gifts. The balloons on the table were attached to white pom poms with cute little hair clips and name tags for the designated babies as their gift. Massive hit.


Kaleesi sign from HEXI Australia

Anyone guess what the circle decorations are? Kmart place matts! #kmarthack🙂


Forever Thankful for all of life’s gifts.




Group shot, clearly the boys were too cool for their headwear 😂😂


Entertainment was provided by Parties Kids Remember.



So much fun!

Special shout out to all the gorgeous mammas that helped and made something for the special day. So very greatful. The girls and I have the most loveliest, caring and beautiful souls in our sphere. We have so many blessings that we focus on and know that we are just so blessed in so many ways.

Now I have a year off till the next party. I have received a few personal requests for birthday party styling… If I get the itch I may just have to take the offers up🙂


Much Love, LT xx


LOVE: Bone Broth

Over the years I’ve struggled with stomach issues off and on. In my quest to source natural remedies, I kept hearing about Bone Broth. It wasn’t until more recently when my gut wasn’t in the best state that I finally tried it.

There are may sites dedicated to bone broth, so I quote from Dr Axe:

“I have found bone broth to be the No. 1 thing you can consume to:
* Treat leaky gut syndrome

* Overcome food intolerances and allergies
* Improve joint health
* Reduce cellulite
* Boost immune system

Bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system and contains healing compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline. The collagen in bone broth heals your gut lining and reduces intestinal inflammation”.

(To read in full:


Bone Broth enthusiasts will concur that the most nutritious bones to cook with are (in order):

1. Chicken
2. Lamb
3. Beef

I get my bones from my local Torre butchers. Make sure you use grass fed meat.

There are so many different recipes and versions out there, so I now refer to Quiry Cooking, who has sure got you covered:


  • I don’t use a slow cooker, I cook it in a pot on the stove. Unfortunately I currently don’t have gas, if you do – lucky you!
  • When making beef bone broth, I first pre-heat the oven to 180 deg., combine bones, garlic, onion, carrot (leek optional) and cook it off for 20 minutes then add it to my pot filled with filtered water, sprinkle Celtic salt and begin the long cooking process. )


Beef Bone Broth in the making


Top layer of fat from Chicken Bone Broth once it’s been refrigerated. You remove this layer and keep it for high heat cooking (altho a small percentage of folk say to throw this out and not use it to cook with as there are toxins stored in the fat..)



Once the layer of fat has been removed, you have  jelly like broth which turns into liquid when warmed up, then ready to drink. Delish.


As for my verdict, I believe it absolutely aided in getting my gut back to it’s healthy state. I haven’t felt better for years. I now do occasional cleanses for maintenance by having  a cup first thing in the morning. I also incorporate it with family meals, my girls love it.

I strongly recommend joining this Bone Broth phenomenon, and what a perfect time of year to do so.

A little fact, Bone Broth drinking has become so popular that in New York there are hole in the wall establishments that sell it by the takeaway cup. People line up and get this instead of coffee. True story. But I’m sure they hit the coffee up after, I know I do!

Life is so short, we need to live it to the max, good health is key.

Much love, LT xx

LOVE: Chloii’s 4th birthday party – FROZEN

Over the weekend we celebrated beautiful Chloii’s 4th birthday with a Frozen themed party.

I was in my element styling the event, it gives me so much joy and I just love getting creative and coming up with unique ideas.

The cake is by an amazing patisserie chef, Michelle Carlin Dalili, from Sweet Moments.  I had the pleasure of having her work for me when I opened my first cafe in Subiaco. Like any super talented superstar, she went out on her own and started SWEET MOMENTS, which I can not recommend any higher.

Entertainment provided was by Encore Kids, who use WAAPA performers. They were very good.

The party was a success, I’m still receiving many wonderful comments, besides all that, the biggest success was seeing my beautiful first born so happy and in here element amongst her family and friends donning an Elsa dress and singing ‘Let it go’ from the top of her lungs. Priceless.

Enjoy the pictorial of the magical and extremely cold … Frozen even.. themed birthday.



















Much love, LT xx


LOVE: DIY art work and frames

I saw some art I loved online for $800 on sale. I was humming and haring and when I went to view it again it was sold. So I thought I’d get my arts and crafts loving little girls to make it and, it turned out even better than I thought.

We had so much fun creating the piece. It went from paint brushes to hand paining to a bit on their faces, and a few other places..


The art work was painted on what was the backing from a large photo frame which broke. I used some bits of wood I found in my dads shed that I cut to size with a hand saw, then attached the panels to the back of the artwork with liquid nails. This was done for structure and to prevent bowing.


As I was so proud of the finished product, I wanted to display pictures in frames of the girls while they were at work. Again this was done on a budget. I purchased two cheap wooden frames from Target for $5 and spray painted them gold which I got from Bunnings for $12 (if you’re not living under a rock, you will know that gold/copper is all the interior rage at the moment). The key to painting/spray painting (even painting your nails) is you do the first coat thin, it creates a base, dries quicker, then for your final coat you can go heavier. Be sure to lightly sand down whatever it is that you are painting first.

I framed three pictures of the girls at work right next to their beautiful master piece, which is positioned above our dining table:


This whole project cost $17 (rather than $817) and not only looks fantastic but is so sentimental. I just love looking at it.


Much love, xx LT

LOVE: Chocolate crush dessert plate

So very easy, so very impressive.

Melt chocolate over hot boiling water (you can microwave, but I just don’t like microwaves so I avoid them). It’s best to use dark chocolate as a healthier option. I use 70%, sometimes 85%.

When melting the chocolate, let the water boil a little bit, then tightly place a glass bowl over the pan and ensure there is no steam/water coming out the sides and dripping into the bowl. Break the chocolate up and add it into a very hot, seamless bowl. Leave it to melt for a while, then start stirring the chocolate. This ensures that it stays super smooth.

Chocolate strawberries

Wash the strawberries and pat them dry.

Keep the water boiling and start dipping the strawberries into the chocolate. Once you have laid them on the baking paper then sprinkle whatever you wish to sprinkle on them while the chocolate is still soft. This time I used almonds and coconut. Once done put them in the fridge.

Chocolate crumble



Cut up whatever you wish to add. This time I used dried figs and macadamia.


Lay some baking paper in a small pan, pour the melted chocolate in first, then sprinkle the cut up fig and macadamia. You can mix it all in together, but my way it looks more exposed, more now. Place it in the fridge.

When you serve it up, serve it rustic. Break the bits up with your hand and just lay them casually on whatever you are serving them on, for me it’s a chopping board.

You will have everyone saying… Wow!


Much Love, xx LT.

LOVE: contouring.. So easy

Last night I went to watch Akira for his solo Telstra Perth Fashion Festival show. It was beautiful. He delicately uses natural fabrics with intricacy. The models donned stunning flowers by Natural Art Flowers, by Rebecca Grace and sneakers. Was super cool.



The joys of sitting front row, you get to take some pretty good close ups 


my instagram shot from the show


It was also the first time I self contoured my face. It was so easy and so effective.

If you haven’t given it a go, do!

I used Kryolan ( contour pallet, it has the lighter and the darker colour in one. Kryolan is a TV makeup brand I used when I was on Television. I’ve continued to use the foundation in the evenings and it is just amazing, it literally lasts years. You can put it on as thick or as thin as you like.


Kryolan Contour Pallet, $49.00


Bobbi Brown ( also has contour sticks, which are probably better as you don’t need to rely on your fingers or a brush.

The darker colour is the couture and the lighter is the highlighter. So you just map your face for what you would like to stand out or hide.


This is how I mapped my face


Left profile


Right profile

You then get your foundation and apply it as you normally would, this time you are not only applying it, but you are blending in your conturing and highlights.


My Contoured face was all ready for the show

Don’t be scared, give it a go!

Much love, LT xx




LOVE: Bohdi J

It’s always nice to share something great…

I kicked my week off by visiting Bohdi J wellness I spa I retreat in Pier street, Perth. The power couple who own the company also have a salon in Wembley.

What an all round exceptional experience it was at their Perth space.

The outside of the property is quite deceiving. It’s a large brick warehouse with a big Bohdi J sign.

When you enter through the wooden doors, then a glass door, you get an extremely pleasant surprise.

I instantly fell in love with the tranquility that came from the balanced fit out. The flow, the colours, textures and the overall ambiance is just so pleasant. From the outdoor area which is covered in greenery, candles and seating, to the multi person pedicure room and the lounge you just don’t want to leave, while donning a super large and comfy robe.








Similarly, the service was very detailed.

The feature product is Sodashi, made locally in Fremantle, Western Australia. This chemically free product is used in spas globally and Emirates have recently taken them on board for their first class travellers.

My favourite product which was used in my facial is the Enzyme Face Polish. It is a pomegranate fruit enzyme, which is so good for your skin (pomegranates are also extremely good for consumption). Remember, you only need to exfoliate every 7-10 days, depending on your skin. The new thing nowadays is to keep your exfoliator on for a while as a mask once you have massaged it onto your face for 2 minutes. Alway be sure to double cleanse before doing so and wash off with a warm face cloth.

Back to Bohdi J, if you are wanting to treat yourself with an all natural service (remembering this is not like going to a cosmetic beauty salon), this is the place to go.

Much love, xx LT


LOVE: Chloii’s 3rd birthday party

On Saturday my beautiful first born, little Chloii celebrated her 3rd birthday… She genuinely is the most sweetest, caring, considerate and humble little girl.. it is just such a blessing to have her as a child..


Today was party time – ballerina theme of course.. as little miss Chloii does ballet and just loves it..

My cafe – LouVe provided all the food, coffee/teas for the mums and babycinos for the little ones.. My girlfriends Bec and Mirella made chocolate crackles and carrot muffins.

The cake.. the cake – OMG the cake… that was a big thank you to the wonderful Flavia Harris from Sugar Plum Sweets…

The morning was just wonderful… I wish I could do it all again.. I love love love styling events and parties…

11295675_879863928767275_3964150689810320777_nSugar Plum Sweets baby… all the way!! I have had many parties and had many cakes, this, her, them, they… are my only choice now..


the birthday girls outfit.. 


… trying to get that perfect family photo..


… the table..


the profile of the set-up


the gift table for the beautiful angels that attended and special gifts for the mums…


…the children’s gift bags


filled with macaroons, balloon, bubbles and a book..


…the mummy’s gift bag


filled with macaroons, bubbles and some tea.. the quote attached was:

Oh yes, I am wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, I’ve paid the price
But look how much I gained
If I have to, I can do anything
I am strong
I am invincible
I am woman


blow up picture of the birthday girl, I used a mirror as the frame..


.. the lovely LouVe food..


the much needed mummy’s coffee and babycinos..


Babycino queen…


ballerinas entertained and did some cool face painting..


the ballerinas played heaps of games, always great having the kids entertained!

IMG_1925… my mum… my beautiful mum.. this woman is the real deal.. she believes in herself, her children, her grand children, her family, she believes in love and she never believes in giving up.. especially on your own family… she loves her grandchildren like no other… she has done nothing but encourage the best… god bless her and only good will continue to come her way… true inspiration xx


much love, xx LT


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